AssoPace Palestina Association and Restiamo Umani con Vik Association present the 1st edition of NAZRA Palestine Short Film Festival, an annual Travelling Film Festival which originates from the desire of:
• sharing the Palestinian film production and its important message of resistance and self-determination of a country under civil and military occupation, together with Palestinian cultural and artistic expressions, with an interested and vast audience;
• highlighting the excellences of a valid artistic production, which is not well known by the general public due to inadequate distribution;
• deepening the knowledge of topics related to Palestine, with the help of non-Palestinian authors.

By travelling first to different Italian cities, then to Gaza and West Bank, the Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival wishes to knock down the physical barriers between Palestine and the rest of the world, which restrict fundamental individual liberties, therefore shifting the focus of attention back on respect for the human rights of Palestinian people.

fiction, experimental films and documentaries
duration: fiction, experimental films 15 minutes maximum / documentaries 20 minutes maximum
year of production: not before 2013
deadline for sending material: 30 June 2017
The competition is open
to works by Palestinian and non-Palestinian authors whose contents deal with political, historical or cultural themes related to Palestine. Experimental works realized with mobile devices are also accepted.

• Each author can enrol with 2 works (maximum) each in 2 different categories.

The participation to the festival is free.

Best film – Palestinian author 800,00
Best film – non-Palestinian author 800,00
Look from Palestine (Palestinian author) documentary 500,00
Look at Palestine (non-Palestinian author) documentary 500,00
Experimental: video clips/video art/very short/other 300,00

The finalists will be selected by the Festival staff and the winners will be chosen by a Jury of representatives operating in the Italian/Palestinian artistic, cultural and film environment.
The members of the Jury, four Italians and four Palestinians (two from Gaza and two from the West Bank) will be nominated every year and the judges will decide together about the winners.
The winning films will be awarded in Venice during the final night of the first stage of the Festival.
Other stages will be held in different Italian cities, in Gaza and in the West Bank.

The registration form can be downloaded from:
The form must be filled in and sent by 30 June 2017 as a Word document to the following email address: Please add your handwritten signature.
You also must send to the same address:
– the link on Vimeo, YouTube or Dropbox to review the film
– 1 photograph of the director
– 3 stills of the film

The authors of the selected films will be asked to send the link for the download of the HD file of the film, suitable for video projections. Allowed formats: mp4 and mov.

Works in any language will be accepted, however every film not in English must be subtitled in English.

For the screenings of the selected films in the Festival Italian cities, Festival staff can decide to translate the dialogues into Italian  (with no charge). Therefore the authors of the selected films not in English will be asked to send also a copy of the film in the original language without English subtitles and a srt file of the English subtitles.

No advertisements are allowed in the videos.

The participation to the Festival implies the responsibility for the contents of each film by the respective authors and producers, and guarantees respect for the copyright on sounds and images of third parties (if any).

NAZRA Palestine Short Film Festival reserves the right to publish images or short segments (not longer than 3 minutes) from the selected films, in order to promote the Festival.
By participating to the Festival, the authors/producers explicitly entitle the use of images taken from their film and/or future screenings of their film only for educational/cultural purposes, in non-profit events organized by AssoPace Palestina and Restiamo Umani con Vik.

To that end, the files of the selected works shall be kept in the Festival archive.

By accepting the above conditions, the applicant ensures the truthfulness of the information provided and authorizes the use of her/his personal data for the dissemination of material promoting the Festival (brochure, Internet website, press review, etc.).
Producers and directors will have to use the logo of NAZRA Palestine Short Film Festival, specify the year of the edition and the name of the prize when advertising their awarded films.
The Festival Staff will notify the finalist authors via email by 12 September 2017. The list of the works shortlisted for the final will be published on the Festival’s website.
The Festival Management may decide to invite the directors or producers of the most interesting and deserving works, bearing part of the expenses.

• By sending the festival registration form you agree to all the above terms and conditions in full. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will lead to exclusion from the competition.

For further information:

The President
Luisa Morgantini