NAZRA Special Streaming

NAZRA lancia Special streaming

In tempo di Covid 19, di distanziamento sociale, di cinema e teatri chiusi e festival a data da destinarsi, molte sono le iniziative e le realtà che si sono attivate per dare la possibilità di poter veder film e documentari collegati da casa.
Anche NAZRA si unisce e rende disponibili in streaming, sul proprio sito, molti dei corti delle varie edizioni passate del Festival. Si inizierà con Ave Maria e a seguire High Hopes due vincitori della prima edizione.
La data di inizio streaming è per lunedì 4 maggio.
Tutti i film sono in lingua originale con sottotitoli in italiano e rimarranno on line per il tempo della visione della durata di 5 giorni.

Per il calendario, in aggiornamento, con i rispettivi link ai film cliccare qui.

Nazra Special Streaming

In this time of pandemy, social distances and cultural lockdown with cinemas and theatres being closed and festivals postponed, many initiatives have been carried out to let the quarantine audience enjoy some films from home.
Nazra is going to give its contribution too!
Starting from Monday 4rd May, we’ll offer the free online streaming of some of the short films that have participated to the previous editions of our festival.
All films will be streamed in original language with Italian subtitles and will be available on our website for a 5-day period.
We’ll start with Ave Maria by Basil Khalil followed by High Hopes by Guy Davidi, winners of the 1st Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival.

You can find the programme, constantly uplodead, and the relevant links here.





4th NAZRA PSFF – Call for entries

Press release

NAZRA Palestine Short Film Festival 2020
A gaze at Palestine
4th edition

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Venice. February 1st, 2020 – After the success of its first three editions, the transcultural itinerant festival NAZRA Palestine Short Film Festival opens the call for submissions of short films dealing with Palestine and the Palestinian culture, people and memory.

Promoted by Restiamo Umani con Vik (Venice), École Cinéma (Naples) and Italian Center for Cultural exchange-VIK (Gaza City – Palestine) in collaboration with NUR Venice, NAZRA (Arabic word for “look” or “gaze”) is a short film festival seeking to encourage the artistic and film-making skills of young authors, both Palestinian and non-Palestinian, who use the technique of short film to engage with topics such as freedom, justice, human rights, and self-determination in the sensitive context of the Israeli-Palestinian question. NAZRA is meant to raise awareness on the social and political situation in Palestine.

NAZRA Palestine Short Film Festival is an opportunity for Palestinian and non-Palestinian filmmakers with great artistic skills but lacking sufficient financial resources to promote their works; NAZRA also support the film production of young Palestinian filmmakers, showing the highlights of a worthwhile artistic production, still little known by the public and not widely distributed.


All works dealing with political, historical, social and cultural themes related to Palestine are eligible for entry.

Deadline to submit the short films is April 30th, 2020.

The short films should be submitted to one of the three competition categories:
experimental works

Two short films will be also selected for the following honourable mentions:
Nazrat al-Shabāb “Through youth’s eyes” – a short film by a young filmmaker
Vittorio Arrigoni Prize – a short film on a solidarity project.

Shortlisted films will be selected by a committee of experts within the festival’s organization; the winners of each category and mentions will be chosen by an international jury composed by prominent figures of Italian and Palestinian culture and cinema.
The award ceremony will take place in Venice during the opening nights of the festival in October 2020. Screenings and cultural initiatives of Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival will continue in the other Italian, European and Palestinian cities involved in the project. Some of them will be hosted in high schools and universities, where a youth jury will also be appointed.

In the wake of last year’s edition, the 4th NAZRA Palestine Short Film Festival aims at collecting the highlights of a worthwhile artistic production of short films by Palestinian and non-Palestinian authors promoting their diffusion during its itinerant journey while carrying messages of transculturalism, peace and justice.

More details on the call at:

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